Bryant's visit and Build-A-Bear!

Delaney's cousin Bryant came to visit a few weeks ago before he had to leave to have leg lengthening surgery. He was born with a rare condition and has already undergone many surgeries to lengthen his leg. This one is a major surgery and he will be in Baltimore for about four months. Delaney was sooooo excited to hang out with him before he left and I'm pretty sure he is on the top of her cool people list! He is so good with her and always takes time to play with her. He rode with us to the mall after church and he was trying to teach her all about money and what each thing was called. It was HILARIOUS to listen to their conversation. Delaney had no clue what he was talking about so when he would ask her something she would just start laughing hysterically. He was so confused about why she was laughing and not answering his questions! Delaney's Aunt Staci took Bryant and Delaney to build-a-bear while they were here. It was Delaney's first time and she had a blast! The only thing she was a little confused about was when you put the heart in the back and they ask them to do all this stuff with the heart like, "rub the heart on your head". Well Delaney thought that request, especially from a strange lady, was absolutely absurd and politely declined to do so. Her face was so funny! She loved every other part though and we will definitely be going back sometime. We had a blast on their visit and can't wait to see them again!


  1. How precious! I hope Cousin Bryant's surgery and everything goes well!


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