Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had the most amazing Christmas this year and Delaney actually stayed healthy! She has been sick with some kind of virus or fever every year so far, so we were pumped that she was feeling good. Our church has services a few days in a row leading up to Christmas so we decided to attend the service on the 22nd. I cannot say enough good things about our church and all that it gives to the community. We are so blessed to have a church filled with people that love the Lord and live to serve Him everyday. I always want to make sure that Delaney knows the real meaning of Christmas and that Jesus is the reason for the season. Our Christmas service was truly a celebration fit for our king, Jesus Christ. Here are a few pictures before church.

The next day we went David's sister Traci's house for the Brizendine Christmas. We always have the best time with his family and Delaney loves being with them. She has several cousins on that side of the family ranging in age from 8weeks-18years. We are all really close and just laugh and have the best time. Delaney and her cousin Finley are 21months apart and are really starting to play with each other. It is so cute to watch them together. Delaney is so motherly toward her and always makes sure she is doing what she is supposed to. Finley's sister, Blakely, is only 8 weeks old so I know they will all three be really close growing up. She also loves and looks up to all her older cousins. She thinks they are just the coolest things ever and follows them around. They are all so sweet to include her and let her do whatever they are doing.

Christmas Eve we went over to my moms for Christmas. We always have Christmas Eve with her side of the family so we just get there early to do our presents with each other. Delaney is spoiled rotten by my mom and she just adores her (I think the feeling is mutual!). Anyway we had a great time. I am an only child so Delaney doesn't have any first cousins on my side of the family. I'm so glad we are so close with all my cousins and that she will grow up around all of their children. As always, my mom gave us WAY to much and spoiled all of us. One of my favorite presents was my Keurig coffee maker. I have been wanting one forever and I was totally caught off guard and surprised.

Christmas morning was alot of fun. We got up early to see what Santa brought and Delaney was so excited that she got her Minnie tricycle she had been talking to Santa about. She got a ton of baby things, a new baby and her bike. One of my favorite things she got was a Little People Nativity Set.

Once we had our Christmas at home we got ready and headed to see my Dad. Susan always cooks a brunch meal from scratch and it is so good. David talks about it for a month before we actually go and we look forward to it every year. They also gave us way to much and we are so blessed to have such great family on all sides. My grandparents and Susan's mom also came over to eat and visit with us. We love spending time with them. Christmas was amazing this year. We are most grateful for the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Zoolight Safari, Alabama Theatre and The Nutcracker

Ok so these are my last two Christmas posts (who cares that it's already February, right?!) I wanted to blog about a few fun things we did over Christmas break that I hope to keep as a yearly tradition. The first thing we did that I loved was zoolight safari. We had been to zoolight before but did not get to go last year. Delaney was sick and it was so cold last year. This year the weather was so mild and perfect for walking around without a jacket. Delaney LOVED the train ride and we even got to see Santa! They also had "snow" (really it was just soap suds blowing bubbles everywhere). Delaney didn't seem to care and in her mind she got to see it snow.

We also went to the Alabama Theatre to see Polar Express. David and I had been before to see other Christmas movies but this was Delaney's first visit. She loved the beginning where they play the organ and have the sing a long, but she wasn't so excited about the movie. Funny because we have been to the real movie theatre and she did great. We only stayed until about half way through the movie and then called it a day. It was really fun though and I think we will try again next year.

The last thing we did that I am going to look forward to each year was seeing The Nutcracker. My mom's company gets free tickets to the production and they are great seats. It was such a fun experience and Delaney loved all the dancers. It was pretty much full of cute little girls, all dressed in their cute smocked dresses, hanging with their moms. We will for sure go back to see this production again next year.


This was the first Christmas that Delaney's elf, who she named Sparkle, came to watch her and visit during Christmas. After a nap one day the doorbell rang and there was Sparkle sitting on the box he arrived from the North Pole in. We had somewhat prepared her for his arrival and talked about an elf possibly coming to visit. She was pumped and a little nervous when she first saw him. She chose his name pretty quickly and I attempted to read the book to her that went with him. She really wanted to touch him and couldn't understand why she couldn't have him. Really I knew if I let her play with him he would be lost after the first day. So Sparkle stayed with us from right after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve when he left with Santa to go back to the North Pole. It was really fun and Delaney enjoyed finding where he moved to every morning.

Mama's cookies and school Christmas party

I come from a very Italian family on my mom's side and my Mama always made the best Italian cookies every Christmas. My Mama passed away a few months ago and I miss her so much. For the last couple of years my mom, my Aunt Marilyn, my cousin Kara and I have taken a day close to Christmas and tried our hand at her cookies. Luckily we had the recipe before she got to sick to give it to us. Her and my grandfather were both the BEST cooks and always had something that smelled amazing cooking in their house. I loved visiting and spending the night with them when I was little. I hope we can keep this tradition of making their cookies going for a long time to come. This was Delaney's first year to "help" with the cookies and she had a blast making her own version. I love spending time with my family!

Delaney had her school Christmas party right before I got out of school for Christmas break. This was her first party where they actually put on a show and sang a few songs. Needless to say her first professional performance was a flop! She had a major case of stage fright once she saw all the parents staring at her. She did stay in her place, but would not move her mouth an inch. Towards the end of the performance the little boy next to her accidentally hit her with his bell they were using for a song and it was all over. She tried so hard not to cry but I felt so sorry for her because I could see how hard she was holding back crying. I told David to get her and she went running straight to him and was so upset. Oh well, maybe next year will be more successful! The really important thing is that Delaney knows the real meaning of Christmas, and that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We love her school and they did a great job preparing and crafting with all the kids!

Much happier once she was with Daddy!

Delaney, Finley and Santa!

Delaney and Finley are so cute together these days and it's fun to see the dynamics of their relationship. Delaney loves her but acts like a little mommy to her at the same time. Finley loves to watch Delaney and wants to play with whatever she plays with and do what she does. I think these two are going to be best friends, along with Blakely when she gets a little older. Me and Steph decided to take some pictures of the girls and this was about the best we got! I have a feeling getting a good picture will be a little tricky for the next few years. I love these girls!

I mentioned that we have seen Santa a few times this year and that Delaney loved him. This particular Santa is in a neighborhood near ours, and sits out in his yard in a sleigh every night the week before Christmas. We had heard about him before but didn't get to take Delaney to see him last year. She loved him just like we assumed she would and thought she was big stuff getting to sit in his sleigh.