Christmas 2011

We had the most amazing Christmas this year and Delaney actually stayed healthy! She has been sick with some kind of virus or fever every year so far, so we were pumped that she was feeling good. Our church has services a few days in a row leading up to Christmas so we decided to attend the service on the 22nd. I cannot say enough good things about our church and all that it gives to the community. We are so blessed to have a church filled with people that love the Lord and live to serve Him everyday. I always want to make sure that Delaney knows the real meaning of Christmas and that Jesus is the reason for the season. Our Christmas service was truly a celebration fit for our king, Jesus Christ. Here are a few pictures before church.

The next day we went David's sister Traci's house for the Brizendine Christmas. We always have the best time with his family and Delaney loves being with them. She has several cousins on that side of the family ranging in age from 8weeks-18years. We are all really close and just laugh and have the best time. Delaney and her cousin Finley are 21months apart and are really starting to play with each other. It is so cute to watch them together. Delaney is so motherly toward her and always makes sure she is doing what she is supposed to. Finley's sister, Blakely, is only 8 weeks old so I know they will all three be really close growing up. She also loves and looks up to all her older cousins. She thinks they are just the coolest things ever and follows them around. They are all so sweet to include her and let her do whatever they are doing.

Christmas Eve we went over to my moms for Christmas. We always have Christmas Eve with her side of the family so we just get there early to do our presents with each other. Delaney is spoiled rotten by my mom and she just adores her (I think the feeling is mutual!). Anyway we had a great time. I am an only child so Delaney doesn't have any first cousins on my side of the family. I'm so glad we are so close with all my cousins and that she will grow up around all of their children. As always, my mom gave us WAY to much and spoiled all of us. One of my favorite presents was my Keurig coffee maker. I have been wanting one forever and I was totally caught off guard and surprised.

Christmas morning was alot of fun. We got up early to see what Santa brought and Delaney was so excited that she got her Minnie tricycle she had been talking to Santa about. She got a ton of baby things, a new baby and her bike. One of my favorite things she got was a Little People Nativity Set.

Once we had our Christmas at home we got ready and headed to see my Dad. Susan always cooks a brunch meal from scratch and it is so good. David talks about it for a month before we actually go and we look forward to it every year. They also gave us way to much and we are so blessed to have such great family on all sides. My grandparents and Susan's mom also came over to eat and visit with us. We love spending time with them. Christmas was amazing this year. We are most grateful for the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope everyone had a great Christmas.


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