Zoolight Safari, Alabama Theatre and The Nutcracker

Ok so these are my last two Christmas posts (who cares that it's already February, right?!) I wanted to blog about a few fun things we did over Christmas break that I hope to keep as a yearly tradition. The first thing we did that I loved was zoolight safari. We had been to zoolight before but did not get to go last year. Delaney was sick and it was so cold last year. This year the weather was so mild and perfect for walking around without a jacket. Delaney LOVED the train ride and we even got to see Santa! They also had "snow" (really it was just soap suds blowing bubbles everywhere). Delaney didn't seem to care and in her mind she got to see it snow.

We also went to the Alabama Theatre to see Polar Express. David and I had been before to see other Christmas movies but this was Delaney's first visit. She loved the beginning where they play the organ and have the sing a long, but she wasn't so excited about the movie. Funny because we have been to the real movie theatre and she did great. We only stayed until about half way through the movie and then called it a day. It was really fun though and I think we will try again next year.

The last thing we did that I am going to look forward to each year was seeing The Nutcracker. My mom's company gets free tickets to the production and they are great seats. It was such a fun experience and Delaney loved all the dancers. It was pretty much full of cute little girls, all dressed in their cute smocked dresses, hanging with their moms. We will for sure go back to see this production again next year.


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