Mama's cookies and school Christmas party

I come from a very Italian family on my mom's side and my Mama always made the best Italian cookies every Christmas. My Mama passed away a few months ago and I miss her so much. For the last couple of years my mom, my Aunt Marilyn, my cousin Kara and I have taken a day close to Christmas and tried our hand at her cookies. Luckily we had the recipe before she got to sick to give it to us. Her and my grandfather were both the BEST cooks and always had something that smelled amazing cooking in their house. I loved visiting and spending the night with them when I was little. I hope we can keep this tradition of making their cookies going for a long time to come. This was Delaney's first year to "help" with the cookies and she had a blast making her own version. I love spending time with my family!

Delaney had her school Christmas party right before I got out of school for Christmas break. This was her first party where they actually put on a show and sang a few songs. Needless to say her first professional performance was a flop! She had a major case of stage fright once she saw all the parents staring at her. She did stay in her place, but would not move her mouth an inch. Towards the end of the performance the little boy next to her accidentally hit her with his bell they were using for a song and it was all over. She tried so hard not to cry but I felt so sorry for her because I could see how hard she was holding back crying. I told David to get her and she went running straight to him and was so upset. Oh well, maybe next year will be more successful! The really important thing is that Delaney knows the real meaning of Christmas, and that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We love her school and they did a great job preparing and crafting with all the kids!

Much happier once she was with Daddy!


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