Delaney, Finley and Santa!

Delaney and Finley are so cute together these days and it's fun to see the dynamics of their relationship. Delaney loves her but acts like a little mommy to her at the same time. Finley loves to watch Delaney and wants to play with whatever she plays with and do what she does. I think these two are going to be best friends, along with Blakely when she gets a little older. Me and Steph decided to take some pictures of the girls and this was about the best we got! I have a feeling getting a good picture will be a little tricky for the next few years. I love these girls!

I mentioned that we have seen Santa a few times this year and that Delaney loved him. This particular Santa is in a neighborhood near ours, and sits out in his yard in a sleigh every night the week before Christmas. We had heard about him before but didn't get to take Delaney to see him last year. She loved him just like we assumed she would and thought she was big stuff getting to sit in his sleigh.


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