5 years and 10 months!

I have been such a slacker in the blog department, but I really want to have this to look back on so I am going to catch everything up in a whirlwind post! First an update on our big girl.

Delaney turned 5 on November 14th. We had her birthday party at Pump it Up, and she had a blast with all her friends! My mom also took us to Disney on Ice for her birthday present. She LOVED every second of it. She is at such a fun age and will start big school next year. She is so full of personality and seems to be a very "mature" 5 year old. She keeps me in line sometimes! Here are some facts about Delaney at 5.

- She is doing so well in school and is really doing well with her reading. She is not reading books, but can sound out words and get them correct on her own. She LOVES writing.

- She also seems to like math, which is something her daddy and I do not like too much!

- She is very sweet, but is totally the boss and wants to be in control. She is SUCH a rule follower. She always talks about "doing the right thing" and loves making her teacher happy by obeying.

- The only thing she ever gets in trouble for is talking, which she gets very honestly :). She is not as excited about always "doing the right thing" at home though! She is very sweet, but like all kids will test us more than she will her teachers.

- Seems to make friends easily and finds one anywhere we go where there are other kids! We were in T-Mobile yesterday and she found the only other kid in the store to talk to. She came running up to me to tell me she made a new friend. I could hear her giving him orders organizing what they were going to play from where I was sitting!

- She has become the best big sister and loves showing Carter off to her friends at school when I pick them up.

- She cannot stand when Carter yells in the car and gets really upset. I try telling her that Carter doesn't understand, but she just can't take it!

-Plays well with Cater at home and Carter will just laugh at everything Delaney does to her.

- She tells Carter all the time that she is a "cutie patootie", and it's hilarious!

- Still our tiny girl, weighs about 33lbs and is about 40in tall. Wears a size 4 in clothes and a size 9-10 shoe.

She is doing so many new things that I can't even begin to list them here. It's so fun to watch her figure things out on her own. She is starting to understand our sarcasm a little bit more and can tell when we are joking with her. We are very proud of the sweet, loving, and compassionate little girl you are becoming!

Carter is 10 months!! I have missed quite a few monthly updates on her so here are her latest stats: 9 month checkup- 17.6oz and about 28in long. That was about 10-20% for weight and about 60% or so for height. She was a little sick when we took her, so we think that may be a factor in the low weight gain. Here are some facts about Carter at 10 months:

- She is doing great in the food department and is now eating all table food at school.

-She is completely off the bottle during the day and takes 1 bottle at night before bedtime. Her school was a big factor in transitioning her to the cup and they trained her so quickly! She loves to eat, and so far I haven't found anything she really doesn't like.

-She is taking some steps and is trying so hard to walk. She can usually take about 2 steps before she falls.

-She is wearing a size 3 diaper, 9m and some 12m clothes, and about a size 3 shoe.

- She has 4 teeth on the bottom and I felt one that had popped through on the top this morning.

-She is still the happiest baby and smiles all the time.

- She is still the biggest mama's girl ever. She loves other people too, but if I am around she wants me.

- Talking up a storm! She babbles all the time and is saying "dada" and "mama".

- She likes to wave "bye bye" to anyone (even when were not leaving!)

- She HATES the carseat with a passion. I"m hoping this will change before we go to the beach this summer!

- She LOVES her "bun bun", a stuffed bunny her daddy bought her when she was tiny. She sleeps with it and constantly chews on the bunny's arms. They are permanently brown! She is getting a second bunny for Christmas just so I can keep him washed!

- She is not a big snuggler and likes to somewhat do her own thing, as long as you are in the room with her!

- She usually sleeps from about 6::30-6:30 each night. She has also just started to transition to one nap that lasts for about 2 hours. Sometimes she still needs 2 naps, but they seem to be shorter when she takes 2.

- Delaney's play kitchen has really started to become interesting to her and she will play for longer periods of time now. It's so cute to see the two of them play together!

Other general life happenings:

Carter experienced her first Halloween! She was a ladybug this year, and D was Merida from the movie Brave. It was pouring on Halloween so we changed our plans and Trick-or-Treated at the mall. It was nice because it was inside and D could run around. Delaney also got to go with David to serve at the Jimmy Hale Mission with his football team.

We had a great Thanksgiving and celebrated at my sister-in-law Traci's house. Delaney LOVES all her cousins and we all enjoy spending time together. Traci had ornaments for the kids to make and they had tons of fun. We can't wait to go back for Christmas.

Our elf "Sparkle" showed back up a couple of days after Thanksgiving. Delaney LOVES finding him every morning. He also brought a friend with him that we have named "Rosie". Rosie is a little different because you can touch her and take her places. D has been taking her to school for nap time.

I think that is everything for now! All I need to do now is keep up so I don't have to write a book to catch back up!


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