Cheese Please!

Last week was Delaney's first time at Chuckie Cheese. We went for her friend Jaxon's second birthday. I wasn't sure if there would really be that much she could do but she had a blast! We rode quite a few rides and I would say a good bit of the rides there were ok for her to ride (with my supervision of course!). I helped her play some games and she won 61 tickets so she got to pick a prize at the end. Ok I will admit I probably had as much fun as she did just watching her and "helping" her play games! She also got to meet Chuckie Cheese and I got a picture of them together. She was very interested in what he was and just kept staring so I didn't get a good one of her looking at me. Here are the pictures I got of her first time at Chuckie Cheese!


  1. I don't know very many one year olds that aren't terrified of Santa -- and DEFINITELY Chuckie Cheese! Delaney is offically the most sociable baby I know! :)Glad she had fun (and you too, Mama)!


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