First Birthday Party!

We had Delaney's first birthday party at a neighborhood clubhouse near our house the day after her birthday. The weather amazing and it ended up being about mid 70's and sunny all day. You never know in November what your going to get because last year this same weekend when she was born it was freezing when we left the hospital. She had a blast being the center of attention and just walked around and hung out with everyone. She got to be around lots of family and she got so many great gifts. She did great with everyone singing her happy birthday (I've heard from some of my friends that their babies did not like people singing them happy birthday). She loved her cake and was actually pretty neat while she ate (she is definitely my child with that!)...We love everyone that was there and are so glad you all were able to help us make Delaney's first birthday party so special! Lots of pictures below!


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