Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello Mr. Easter Bunny!

We took Delaney to see the Easter Bunny at Brookwood Mall today. It was his first day on the job so we thought it would be really crowded but it wasn't at all! We were out doing some shopping so we met daddy after lunch so he could visit the Easter Bunny with us. Delaney didn't really even notice the huge bunny that we left her with and even gave us a little smile! Here are some pictures from our visit and a few from a little photo shoot we had the other afternoon!

Happy Birthday Mamaw Peggy!

Last night we went to eat with David's mom for her birthday and it was so much fun! Today is actually her real birthday and we will leave off her age because I know she will appreciate that! We love you very much and hope you have a great birthday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekly Update

Ok so I have been a little slow on the blogging lately! I am just getting used to being back at work and balancing taking care of Delaney and the things I have to do for her as well. Everything is going really good though and work is going well. Delaney loves Mrs. Lisa and is getting on a good schedule at her house. I miss her during the day so much after being home with her for four months but I also really appreciate the time I get to spend with her now even more! She is getting so strong and now everytime you lay her down she will pick up her head and do what we call a "crunch" instead of just laying back. Little miss priss is going to have some good abs if she keeps that up! She is laughing more and it is the sweetest sound! She has finally started to be ok with her car seat and will actually ride in it now awake and look around without crying! My dress for Delaney is almost done so I'll post a final picture once I have it sewn together. Also we have been looking around at where we might want to take Delaney once she leaves Mrs. Lisa and have finally made a decision. We are going to have her at Covenant Classical and are officially on the waiting list. It is a Christian private preschool and daycare and they have a great curriculum! We checked out a lot of options this time so I feel good about our decision. We are thinking that she will start in January if everything goes as planned. I know this transition will probably be a lot harder than the first because Delaney will be aware that she is around strangers and not with Mrs. Lisa anymore, who I'm sure she will be pretty attached to at that point. We will make it through and I know that she will get used to it and love it there! Anyway on to the important part here are some recent pictures of Delaney! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smocking Class!

So I decided to take a smocking class after hearing from people that do it that it is a lot of fun. Last week was my first week and we just practiced the different stitches and picked out our projects. I chose to do a light green bishop and I am smocking it in two colors of pink with a little green on the flower leaves. Tonight we actually got to start working on our projects so just a quick post of a before picture. I have a really long way to go. I'll post a picture of the final product when I'm done!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

4 Month Post

Well Delaney turned 4 months old on Saturday and we went for her checkup and her second round of shots today. She was already in a terrible mood when they came to give her the shots because we had been waiting in the room for about an hour so needless to say she screamed her head off! It was so pitiful to see her like that because she is normally so happy and sweet all the time. Delaney sleeps great and still doesn't even take a full bottle so the doctor told us to hold off on starting the rice cereal until she actually needs it. Also a question many people have been wanting us to ask if he thought she would keep her blue eyes because David and I both have brown eyes and mine are really dark... so the answer was that they are very blue and her saw no signs of them changing and that it would be very unlikely. So somehow we think David and I managed to have a blue eyed baby (we think they are so pretty since we both have brown eyes). She loves playing on her play mat and she also loves swinging. We put together her activity center as I mentioned in the last post and she likes it pretty well. She has started rolling over from her back to her stomach but we are still working on the stomach to the back. She still sleeps in a swaddle blanket and the doctor gave us the ok to let her continue but to get her out of it by six months (I'm hoping she transitions herself!). One of the new things she has started doing is laughing out loud and it is the sweetest sound! We are having so much fun with her everyday and her little personality is showing more everyday. We feel so blessed to get to be her parents... So happy four months Delaney!!

Weight: 12lb 1oz (25th%)
Length: 25.5in (80%)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Fun!

We had such a fun weekend! David's sister Staci and Delaney's cousin Brinley got to come and visit this weekend from Georgia and we all went to dinner on Saturday night. We had a lot of fun spending time with them and Delaney loved getting to see her Aunt Staci and Brinley! David and I had a friends engagement party to go to so Staci and Brinley stayed at our house and kept Delaney. She was pretty good overall and crashed at the end of the night after all the visiting and playing! Delaney also turned four months old on Saturday. I can't believe my baby is already four months old. For Christmas we bought Delaney a little activity seat that turns into a walker as she gets older so we put that together for her this weekend. It is so cute and she is starting to like it more every time we put her in it. I'm a little late on the four month post but we go to the doctor tomorrow for her second round of shots and to get her weight and everything so I'm going to post after that. We also got some pictures of Delaney in her new seat so I'll put those up as well. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rockin and Rollin

Well I have been back at work now for a couple of days. Things are going pretty well and both Delaney and I are doing pretty well with the transition. Just a little tired getting used to doing everything all together now! We have a very close family friend that is keeping Delaney so she has a ton of one on one time and is already adjusting really well to being somewhere new. I know she will be in great hands with her! Also I started a smocking class tonight! I was so excited to go and it turned out to be really good... I think I am going to like it and I'm so excited to make things for Delaney she can actually wear! We just practiced some of the stitches tonight but next week we actually get to start on a project of our choice. I chose to do a bishop dress in light green fabric with two colors of pink and a little green for the smocking (I'll post pictures once we get started!)

So on to the real point of this post... Delaney rolled over for the first time tonight! I actually missed it the first time by about five minutes but I got the video camera out as soon as I could and she actually did it again! I was so happy that she did it again so soon since I missed the first time. I have a video of it like I said but for some reason it won't upload and I have tried a million times so I'll try again later!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Nature Walk!

The weather today has been beautiful! Delaney and I got out and walked with the dogs and then went out later for a few pictures in the warm weather... I am officially back at work as of today and am going to miss Delaney so much! I know she will be in good hands and probably be spoiled rotten but I will just miss seeing her do all the cute things she does. I'm so excited it is supposed to be so nice all weekend and will be a great weekend for doing some things outside. Anyway here are a few pictures from today!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bring on spring!

Yay! I figured out how to get our videos on here so our friends and family that don't get to see Delaney as much can see her in action more! I took one today of her smiling when she woke up from her nap. She is alaways so happy when she wakes up and starts smiling right when she sees you. Yesterday we went to Tuscaloosa. I had to go and try on a bridesmaids dress there and it worked out perfect because I have been wanting to go to all the cute baby shops there. We found so many cute shops and I found some white little sandals for Delaney at a really cute shop called Twinkle Toes! They had the same pair in hot pink so G-ma wanted her to have those too.. they will be so cute with all her dresses for the spring/summer and were exactly what I was looking for! Anyway Delaney and I had fun hanging out today so hope everyone else had a great day too!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

SNOW!!! SNOW!!! We actually got snow this time when the weather men said we would! We woke up this morning excited to look outside and see the snow coming down! Delaney was still asleep and woke up about 8:30am. We got her up and brought her in our room with us and fed her breakfast all cozy in bed with us. After she ate we bundled her up as best we could and headed out with the bumbo to get some pictures in her first snow. She was such a trooper on the first round of photos and we got some really good ones! She started getting a little cranky so we put her down for a nap and David headed outside to start building her a snow-woman. We had the snow-woman all ready and put together when she woke up from her nap. G-ma came over to see Delaney as well and get some pictures of her in her first snow. We headed back out after her next bottle to get some pictures of Delaney with Vivian (the snow-woman) who mommy and daddy built while she was napping. She did great sitting next to Vivian and for the most part seemed to somewhat enjoy the snow. We had a great morning and Delaney is all tired out from her first snow experience!

Another Update: Delaney was up and playing around and we were talking to her and she laughed out loud! She has cackled a little before but this was a real chuckle kind of laugh! It was so cute I can't wait to hear more of it!