4 Month Post

Well Delaney turned 4 months old on Saturday and we went for her checkup and her second round of shots today. She was already in a terrible mood when they came to give her the shots because we had been waiting in the room for about an hour so needless to say she screamed her head off! It was so pitiful to see her like that because she is normally so happy and sweet all the time. Delaney sleeps great and still doesn't even take a full bottle so the doctor told us to hold off on starting the rice cereal until she actually needs it. Also a question many people have been wanting us to ask if he thought she would keep her blue eyes because David and I both have brown eyes and mine are really dark... so the answer was that they are very blue and her saw no signs of them changing and that it would be very unlikely. So somehow we think David and I managed to have a blue eyed baby (we think they are so pretty since we both have brown eyes). She loves playing on her play mat and she also loves swinging. We put together her activity center as I mentioned in the last post and she likes it pretty well. She has started rolling over from her back to her stomach but we are still working on the stomach to the back. She still sleeps in a swaddle blanket and the doctor gave us the ok to let her continue but to get her out of it by six months (I'm hoping she transitions herself!). One of the new things she has started doing is laughing out loud and it is the sweetest sound! We are having so much fun with her everyday and her little personality is showing more everyday. We feel so blessed to get to be her parents... So happy four months Delaney!!

Weight: 12lb 1oz (25th%)
Length: 25.5in (80%)


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