Weekly Update

Ok so I have been a little slow on the blogging lately! I am just getting used to being back at work and balancing taking care of Delaney and the things I have to do for her as well. Everything is going really good though and work is going well. Delaney loves Mrs. Lisa and is getting on a good schedule at her house. I miss her during the day so much after being home with her for four months but I also really appreciate the time I get to spend with her now even more! She is getting so strong and now everytime you lay her down she will pick up her head and do what we call a "crunch" instead of just laying back. Little miss priss is going to have some good abs if she keeps that up! She is laughing more and it is the sweetest sound! She has finally started to be ok with her car seat and will actually ride in it now awake and look around without crying! My dress for Delaney is almost done so I'll post a final picture once I have it sewn together. Also we have been looking around at where we might want to take Delaney once she leaves Mrs. Lisa and have finally made a decision. We are going to have her at Covenant Classical and are officially on the waiting list. It is a Christian private preschool and daycare and they have a great curriculum! We checked out a lot of options this time so I feel good about our decision. We are thinking that she will start in January if everything goes as planned. I know this transition will probably be a lot harder than the first because Delaney will be aware that she is around strangers and not with Mrs. Lisa anymore, who I'm sure she will be pretty attached to at that point. We will make it through and I know that she will get used to it and love it there! Anyway on to the important part here are some recent pictures of Delaney! Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Hey! He's at UAB's child development center. We've been really happy with it, but I guess this is just a phase.

    Hope you're doing ok - the transition can be hard (was for me). So glad you can come on Tuesday!

    Loving Delaney's big bows and that little smirk. Too cute!

  2. Heather, she is TOO CUTE!!! I can't believe how big she's gotten already!


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