Rockin and Rollin

Well I have been back at work now for a couple of days. Things are going pretty well and both Delaney and I are doing pretty well with the transition. Just a little tired getting used to doing everything all together now! We have a very close family friend that is keeping Delaney so she has a ton of one on one time and is already adjusting really well to being somewhere new. I know she will be in great hands with her! Also I started a smocking class tonight! I was so excited to go and it turned out to be really good... I think I am going to like it and I'm so excited to make things for Delaney she can actually wear! We just practiced some of the stitches tonight but next week we actually get to start on a project of our choice. I chose to do a bishop dress in light green fabric with two colors of pink and a little green for the smocking (I'll post pictures once we get started!)

So on to the real point of this post... Delaney rolled over for the first time tonight! I actually missed it the first time by about five minutes but I got the video camera out as soon as I could and she actually did it again! I was so happy that she did it again so soon since I missed the first time. I have a video of it like I said but for some reason it won't upload and I have tried a million times so I'll try again later!


  1. Yay to rolling over! I know that was so exciting!! Hope you figure out how to post the video. :)


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