Hello Mr. Easter Bunny!

We took Delaney to see the Easter Bunny at Brookwood Mall today. It was his first day on the job so we thought it would be really crowded but it wasn't at all! We were out doing some shopping so we met daddy after lunch so he could visit the Easter Bunny with us. Delaney didn't really even notice the huge bunny that we left her with and even gave us a little smile! Here are some pictures from our visit and a few from a little photo shoot we had the other afternoon!


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  2. So Delaney didn't clear out the mall with her screaming like Grayson?! :) She looks so cute and I absolutely LOVE all her headbands!! Are you making them or buying them?

  3. I absolutely love these pictures of Delaney! Yes Mac is too long for his car seat so we're switching over! I think once their either 22 lbs or 19 inches long you can update to a bigger seat, but it still has to be rear facing until 1 year unfortunately.


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