Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Day this year was so much fun with Delaney. She really started to understand the concept of Santa and most importantly that it was Jesus's birthday. I'm a little behind on my posting because we have ALOT going on, but I'm planning to turn this blog into a book so I'm determined to get everything documented! Delaney was running a fever of almost 102 on Christmas Eve night and was not feeling the best the next morning but she was still really excited to see what Santa left for her! She had been talking about this kitchen for months and telling us how she was going to "cook" for us. Well she was pumped to see that Santa remembered what she had been wanting. She kept saying "thank you Santa" so enthusiastically. She is so funny with some of the things she comes up with these days! Her Aunts Traci and Staci got her so much for Christmas and one of the things they got her was an apron with her name monogrammed on it to cook with in her kitchen. It is precious and also came with a matching pot holder, mixing bowl, wooden spoon and rolling pin. She was really cute the first time she used it and thought she was big stuff! Mom came over pretty early to see what Santa left for Delaney and drink some coffee.

Once David and I gave D all her presents and did ours we got ready and headed to my Dad and Susan's. We always do a Christmas brunch with them and it is seriously the best breakfast food ever. Susan is a great cook and we always eat way to much. It was actually snowing on Christmas this year so we left about mid-afternoon before the roads started getting to bad. We had so much fun at my Dad and Susan's and they were also way to good to us. Susan's parents who we call Mama and Papa and my Dad's parents, my Nana and Papa, also joined us so we loved getting to spend time with them as well. Delaney had a blast there and got lots of attention and love! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family on both sides of our family. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


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