Finley and Delaney

We are alive!! I have been the biggest slacker EVER and I determined to catch up on all my blogging asap. I have been so busy getting adjusted to my student teaching and trying to balance everything else as well. First off, I absolutely LOVE my placement for my student teaching. I know I definitely made the right choice in going back to school to get another degree to teach because I feel like I am doing what I was made to do everyday! I know some days will be better than others just like anything, but overall I am loving it.

Awhile back we had a visit with Delaney's new cousin Finley. She is just the sweetest and Delaney can't get enough of her. She adores her cousin and can't wait to teach her all kind of things. She thinks Finley can do everything she can do, and is constantly giving her toys or asking her to color. I'm sure these two will be the best of friends growing up and get into all kinds of trouble together! Tonight she was naming all the first names of our family and she all of a sudden said "Finley!.... I love Finley!". I love these pictures of them because they look like they are having a really important conversation!


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