School Christmas Party!

David and I were both out of school so Delaney was home with us when her school had their Christmas party, or their "birthday part for Jesus", as Delaney told me (which makes me so happy they teach them the real meaning of Christmas at school because we try to teach her too). David got out of school early on the Friday of her party so we were all able to go and it was so fun. They had little gingerbread houses for each child to decorate. They also made little canvas art projects with their hands and feet for a reindeer and Christmas tree and the year painted above. It was so sweet and something I will have out every year at Christmas! I cannot say enough good things about Delaney's school. It took us (ok me) a long time to find somewhere I was excited about sending Delaney. I knew the time to send her was getting closer and when I found her school I loved it and just knew it would be great for her. She has adjusted so well and her teachers just love on her and make me feel so much better about leaving her. She has learned so much and I am so thankful and we are blessed to have such a great place for her to go. Anyway this post was really just about the Christmas party so I'll stop rambling now!


  1. Hey Heather and Coach Briz:) It's Konie Bryant Clark:)) I got to your blog through someone else's but can't remember who. it was last week:) Your little girl is so precious and looks JUST LIKE HER DAD!!!! She has TWO good looking parents so it's definitely a compliment:) Looks like you had a memorable Christmas and look forward to watching her grow:) I don't do facebook but LOVE blogs:) Love, mrs. B (C) :) Tell your parents hello:)

  2. Awww, I love it! Looks like she had a great time at her school's party!

    So glad you love her school so much...but does that mean you guys won't be coming across town? :-(


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