Christmas Eve

We do Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family and it is always so much fun! We headed over around lunch to do our Christmas with my mom first before everyone else got there. Mom was way to good to us this year and Delaney got so many good things from Gigi that she loved. Her favorites were this powerwheels car below, a princess table (to stay at Gigi's house) and a little princess tent (also to stay at Gigi's). Before we got there Santa also stopped by and left Delaney a note on the tree telling her where he hid a special surprise for her. The Santa present was a little people bus that she has played with so much! Growing up we always went to my grandmother's after church on Christmas Eve and Santa always stopped by while we were in church and left a card on the tree for each grandchild. I always looked forward to it and I'm so glad my mom is keeping this up with Delaney. After we got done doing our Christmas I put Delaney down for a nap and she slept until everyone got there around 5:00pm. We have so many little ones on my mom's side of the family so it was so fun to hang out with everyone. We wish we got to see them all more than just for big holidays! Here are some highlights from the day!

Finding her surprise from Santa

Delaney and Daddy with her "little people" bus from Santa

Loving her new car!

Gigi reading Delaney her card from Santa


  1. Awww, how sweet! That's great that you guys are keeping old traditions.

    I think Morgan has that same little princess car (is it Beauty and the Beast?) that my brother bought her for Christmas. We were out of town so she hasn't opened it yet. We plan to this weekend - I know she's going to love it!

    Great pictures!


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