Baby talk- 27 months

Okay so I said I was going to start posting all the funny and new things Delaney is saying these days, but so far I haven't been very good! So I'm going to try and list the newest things that I can still remember. When she says something funny in the moment I think I will remember it forever to record it later and then I catch myself asking "what in the world was that she said"! So here are some recent things from Delaney:

-Sometimes when I ask her something or tell her to do something she will put her hands up and say "fine!"- not in a smarty pants way but just to be funny and it is so cute!

-She has started pretending a lot lately and today she was acting like her teacher at school during show and tell and her conversation went like this:
D: Okay fold your hands Mommy!
Me: Okay now what
D: ummmm (thinking) Delaney! Come on up and do your show and tell! She would then get whatever she was showing and then this conversation would start over only with it being Mommy's turn to come on up and show!

- She told me in the car the other day: "Mommy you give me headache!"

- She tells the dogs all the time: "stop barking Mazi, zip it up girls!"

- Anytime you say something like your silly she will respond with "I not silly I am Delaney!"

- She will say her blessing that they say at school and it is so precious!

- She also says her vowels and she will sing this song with them and at the end she waves her hands and screams "DOWELS" I love it because she says it exactly like I spelled it!

- She always tells David to "sit on the floor Daddy"! She wants him to sit next to her kitchen while she plays and she will always cook for him.

- If she is talking and David is watching T.V she will say "Daddy stop watching T.V and pay attention to me!"

- She also calls David babe sometimes when she doesn't want him to aggravate her and she will say "stop babe!"

- She talks about all her friends at school and tells me who her favorites are, along with who she thinks is "mean" and pushes people!

- She loves telling you Aubie says "war eagle" and then right after she will say "kick em in the butt big blue hey!"

- She will tell you her first and last name together now

- She sings songs ALL the time and singing is one of her favorite things to do at school

I feel like she says so many new things everyday and I can't keep up with everything! I really need to post more on the things she is saying because I know I will want to be able to look back and remember little things that she said at this age. She is really funny and super sharp with what she says and remembers. She is like an elephant and hardly ever forgets something you tell her even if you ask her about it days later. We love her so much and this is our favorite age so far! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I love reading these posts! Delaney is so smart! Oh, and when Morgan sings the vowels songs, she says "BOWELS!" Ha! Hope you guys are having a good weekend.

  2. LOL! These are so funny! We miss ya'll!


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