Meeting Baby Selah!

I have been meaning to post about our visit with our friends to meet Anne Margaret or "Margie's" baby as Delaney calls her! One of our great family friends recently had a precious little girl named Selah and Delaney was so excited to finally meet her. We always talked about her when she was in Margie's tummy and Delaney was excited when I told her that Selah was out of Margie's tummy (ok well as much as a two year old can understand that!). She is perfect and is soooo precious! Delaney is excited to have another girl friend and when we talk about her she always says, "I want to be sweet to her!". She asked if she could "hold her" the first time we went to visit and it was the highlight of her day. For the next few days when we would talk about our visit she would say very proudly, "I got to hold her Mommy!". The other day when we visited she wanted to get in Selah's Nap Nanny so Lisa put her right up there and she had her milk and snack all buckled in to Selah's seat. She thought she was so cool all strapped in. We adore their entire family and they have all been such a huge part of Delaney's and all of our lives for awhile now. We are blessed to have them in our lives, love them all and are so excited for this perfect new addition to their family!

(I borrowed these pictures from Clair on facebook, I am horrible at remembering to take pics!)

Beautiful baby Selah!


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