McWane Center

My mom gave us a family pass to the McWane Center for Christmas and we have already gotten her moneys worth on it! We went for the first time the weekend after Christmas and it was the last day for the snow room and the trains. I had heard so many things about this exhibit and I was so excited that we made it before they took it down. Delaney had a blast and was very amused by the snow room. There was a little girl building a snow castle and Delaney really wanted to help her, but every time she came close to her the little girl yelled at her (by little girl I mean maybe like 7ish). Delaney kept her distance and didn't get upset so I just called her over and helped her build her own snow castle! She had a blast and we have been back a couple of times since then. I love it because everything is kid friendly and she can walk around and just do her own thing. She loves the water table and pushing the grocery carts around with food in them. I have a feeling we will be regular attenders seeing how much fun she has every time we go!


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