Baby Talk- 28 months

Delaney says that craziest and some of the funniest stuff so I want to make sure I remember the really good things. Here are a few of her latest favorites:

- D: (talking to our dog Mazi and holding the dogs head in her hands) Look at me!, (waiting) Do you need to go potty?

- She likes to tell stories and impersonate what the persons reaction to something was especially if they screamed.. for example: We went to feed some goats a few weeks ago at Oak Mountain and my mom came along. One of the goats jumped on her and she screamed. Since then Delaney will tell the whole story and say "when the goat jumped on Gigi's back she screamed like: AHHHH!" and then she starts laughing

- "I'm a pirate, ARGH!"- I'm not sure how she even knows what a pirate is but shes got the look down!

- The other day I said "Are you my buddy?" and she replied pointing her finger "I'm not your buddy, I'm Delaney!"

- If you ask her who her best friend is she usually responds with "Daddy's my best friend!" and then I'll pretend to cry and she will say "Mommy's my best friend and Daddy's my best friend!"- maybe we have a future politician on our hands. She will do the same when you ask her who's girl she is.

- She knows her full name "Delaney Michelle Brizendine" and mine and David's full name.

- The other day I asked her when her birthday was and she said "On Sundays"

- When we play outside she loves chasing the bubbles and she loves for you to blow them in her face. When she gets going she will start laughing and say "You are so funny!" to whoever is blowing the bubbles for her.

- Whenever she has an accident in her big girl panties she will say "I make Minnie sad" or whatever is on her panties.

- She uses the word "like" in her sentences in between her words sometimes

- She sings songs non stop- her favorite right now is "Jesus loves the little children" and instead of saying "red and yellow, black and white" she says "pink" because that's her favorite color. She also likes Old McDonald.

- Whenever she burps or any other bodily function that you say excuse me for she will say "excuse me I burped!" - we try telling her you can just say excuse me and not say what you did!

- She told me the other day "I'm a Sassafrass!"

- In the car the other day she was holding some makeup I had just bought and she held up two and said, "Which one of these is your favorite?", I wasn't paying attention and then she continued with, "Cmon lets talk about it!"

I think that's all for now! I hope everyone is having a good Monday. I have a ton of new post and pictures to get posted asap!


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