Dawson Easter Egg Hunt and Dying Eggs

We went to the Dawson Easter egg hunt the weekend before Easter and we had so much fun. We also went the year before so this was Delaney's second time to hunt. They also had inflatables, train rides and even pony rides! Staci was able to come down and bring Brock and Brinley to go with us as well. Delaney LOVES spending time with her cousins and she always has so much fun with them. As I'm writing this post she is looking at the picture of her and Brock saying, "he is funny!"

Brock came home with us after the festival so that Staci could go do some things she needed to get done for his birthday that night. I decided this was a good time to let Delaney dye eggs for the first time when she had her big cousin there to help. They had the best time and Delaney did pretty good for her first time. The biggest challenge was that she had no concept of handling the eggs carefully so most of hers ended up cracked before they even got put in the dye! We had such a fun day and can't wait for this every year!


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