Spring Break!

We did so many fun things over Spring break and I am just now getting around to posting about them. We went to Oak Mountain State Park, had a picnic and petted some goats. We also got to feed the goats corn and they were a little overly excited about it. One of them jumped on my moms back and she screamed so loud. Delaney thought that was just hilarious and has been talking about it for weeks now.

We also headed to the zoo to see some of the animals that we had not seen since last summer. Delaney had so much fun this time and was really interested in what all the animals were doing. She is quite the little personality these days and was showing off some of her modeling skills in the picture below! Ha! We saw gorillas eating grass and an elephant throwing sand on its back, all of which are very entertaining for a two year old. She had a blast and was really excited that daddy got to come with us on our outing.

The Rave movie theatre also offered a free showing of "Despicable Me" during the week of Spring Break so I figured we would give it a test run on a free movie before we pay to leave half way through! Well to my shock and surprise Delaney loved it and sat and watched the entire time. They even had booster seats for the little kids to sit on and they even offered a cup holder for their sippy cups! We had the best break and loved having so much family time to do fun things. We can't wait for summer!


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