15 months

I'm a little late on this post but we didn't have Delaney's 15 month well checkup until last Friday so I figured I would just wait until then. We have been so busy lately with me being in school but I am still loving it! What is Delaneys up to at 15 months:

-Stats: 18lb 10oz (3%), 30.25in (about 30%), and her head was 17.5in

-She pretty much will repeat any word you tell her. Here are the main words she uses on her own: mama, dada, cookie, Mazi, Gracie, no-no (she likes to tell our dogs this if they are trying to take her cookie that she is pretending to give them!), ball, hi, ni-ni (night night), cheese toast, boo, bye bye, and go go.

-She loves to wave and she walks around the house with her "purse" waving and telling us bye bye and then she will come back and do this over and over. It is hilarious!

-She is even more attached to her lovies than ever. She doesn't take them out of the house or the car usually but walks around the house with at least one! I got home yesterday and she had gotten all four of them out of the drawer and she was carrying all of them at once!

-She LOVES phones but has for a long time!

-She is wearing a size 3 diaper

-She likes all food pretty much but she really doesn't eat a ton. Well I should say she either eats a TON or she doesn't want anything it just depends.

-Her favorite food by far is spaghetti

-She continues to LOVE our dogs and she is actually really great and sweet to them most all the time

-She loves being outside so we can't wait for it to get warm

-She is starting to interact with other kids more and really play with them instead of just next to them.

-She is such a people person and will go with anyone. Short story: the other day mom and I were at Jason's deli and my mom was walking with her by the door so she could look out and an older man around 80ish came up and was talking to her and asked if she would come to him and she put her arms up and walked right to him. I was enjoying my lunch at the table when a strange man walked up to me holding my child! My mom was right behind him so don't think we just let her go with a stranger! She loves pretty much everyone but she really prefers men! (don't know how daddy feels about that!)

-She sleeps from about 7pm-7am most of the time

-She will hold up one finger when you ask her how old she is

-If you say "touchdown" she will throw up both arms and do the touchdown sign

Overall we are great! We just love Delaney so much we don't know what to do. She is such a joy to be around and we are so blessed! Here are some pictures of our sweet girl playing at the park a couple weeks ago.


  1. Oh wow! The last time I saw Delaney she was a little baby, and now she's a tot!! So adorable! And still so petite. I love her smile! :)

    I have been meaning to write back for over a month to tell you how much I appreciated your sweet blog comment a while back and all your encouragement. :) Hope we run into ya'll soon!!


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