Recent adventures

David was gone a few weeks ago on a men's retreat so my mom came and stayed with me and Delaney. We had fun doing lots of girl things but we really missed David. I actually couldn't even talk to him while he was gone so it made it even harder! I made a little welcome home sign for Delaney to show him but by "show" she thought I meant tear up so I had to get creative and tape it to her back. Seriously taping it to her back was the only way to save the sign.

We also had a really pretty day a few weeks ago so we headed to the park to meet a friend and have a picnic. Delaney had a good time and is really starting to like playing at parks. Her favorite thing to do is swing and I'm pretty sure if I left her all day there she would be good! It was her friend Luke's first swing ride so we got a picture of the two of them. We are hoping for more pretty weather that last for more than a day soon!


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