16 months...

OK so I have been such a slacker when it comes to the blog lately. I have been so busy trying to keep up with everything but I am going to make an effort to update regularly so I don't have to do a million posts at once! So during my slacking Delaney turned 16 months old! She is seriously learning new things everyday especially when it comes to words. Here are a few new things she is doing since the last month post:

- She says thank you a good bit of the time but we still have to remind her (Thanks Gerri you motivated me to get this down pat with your last post!) We have actually been working on "thank you" for a while but Delaney decided she forgot how to say it after we first learned it so we had to learn it again! I really want her to get this though because it is very important to us that Delaney have manners and be polite. Like my friend Gerri said I love when I see kids using manners so I want Delaney to be one of those polite kids too!

- She has a pretty large vocabulary when it comes to repeating things and she will repeat anything you tell her to

-We are officially off the bottle!! We actually have been bottle free for a few weeks but I have been a slacker so you wouldn't know that! It was really an easy transition and we never had any drama after getting off.

-Delaney had her first "time out" today. She didn't really understand exactly what was going but she knew she was in trouble. It broke my heart because she cried and was so upset but she calmed down before it was over sat there for her one minute and she was a new kid once she got up and went right back to happy and playing. She gets her feelings hurt very easy and is so sensitive so I have a feeling time out is going to be harder on us than it will be on her :)

-She has really gotten into her baby more this month and is really nurturing and sweet to her. She will rock her and put her in the stroller and push her around. I say this meaning more times than not because there are still times she will chunk the baby on the floor and push the stroller around empty!

So that is a few new things going on with Delaney this month! We also have had spring break, an Easter egg hunt, and a trip to the zoo so more post coming on those!


  1. Love these posts! LOL @ throwing the baby down and pushing the stroller empty. I never thought about buying Morgan her OWN baby stroller -- she likes to push her real stroller, which is way too big, of course. The Easter bunny may bring her one -- thanks for the idea! And yay to "thank you!" Warms your heart, doesn't it?


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