Easter Egg Hunt!

We went to Delaney's first Easter egg hunt this weekend! It was at Dawson in Homewood and it was a blast. They had everything from Easter egg hunts to pony rides to bubble machines, train rides and puppet shows. The bubble machines were definitely Delaney's favorite thing and I think she would have stood in front of them until she was soaked if we let her. The egg hunt we did was just for two and under so they really just threw the eggs all in the grass and let the kids pick them up. Seriously it was really intense and the eggs were gone in about 60 seconds! Delaney was a little slow because she wanted to watch everyone and sometimes stare at the egg she was in front of before picking it up! She still managed to get five eggs and if you could have seen how many people there were and how fast they were I'd say she did pretty good for her first time. I held the basket for her but she picked up all the ones she wanted and put them in her basket herself! We are going to a couple more before Easter is over so she will be a pro before its all over. We have a busy week coming up so hope everyone has a great one!

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  1. Delaney is so cute, Heather!! I LOVE the second pic! Where did you get her little outfit -- it's adorable. And she did a great job getting five eggs. :)


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