Spring break!

I haven't had a spring break in a really long time but now that I'm back in school I get a spring break again. Actually I will get one from now on since I'm in school for teaching! David's spring break was also the same week so we got to spend a family week together and just hung out and did some fun things. We went to lunch, played outside and took some really good naps! We also went to ijump on 280 and it was packed. Delaney and I had been before and loved it so we were glad David could come with us. She is not really big enough to do anything by herself but they let her do everything if we go with her and she loves it! We only had one really pretty day so we headed down to the zoo and no pun intended but it was a zoo! We had to park about a mile away and walk so I guess everyone thought it was a perfect day for the zoo. We had such a great week and loved having family days for a week!


  1. Glad you guys got a chance to check out the Birmingham zoo! We haven't had a chance to take Morgan yet -- a must-do for this summer. When we went to the zoo at the beach, she wasn't that interested in the animals, LOL. Hopefully when she's around 18 months this summer, she will be. We'll definitely be going on a Tuesday since at the B'ham Zoo, they have half-priced Tuesday! Yeah!


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