Family Reunion

I'm a little late on this post but last weekend we went to a family reunion at my Dad and Susan's to visit with Susan's family. It was at her parents house and we had a great time! The food was AMAZING and there was so much to eat. Delaney found one of those toys that you push around and the balls in the front of it pop around and she was entertained for the day! We really only get to see everyone a couple times of year there so it was neat to see how big every ones kids had gotten from last time. I was terrible and didn't get any pictures this time of everyone because I was to busy this time chasing Delaney around making sure she didn't take off on us! Mama and Papa have some really pretty flowers in their yard so I took a couple (or tried to but Delaney wasn't into it) of pictures of her in front of the flowers.

The other morning I was making Delaney breakfast and I had the fridge open. She likes to get the bottles off the door and play with them so I was letting her do that and I turned around to find she had also gotten the top to the chocolate sauce off and was having a ball licking the spout! Needless to say she had it all over her face but was just as happy as ever! My mom got us all Alabama Adventure season passes for Easter so we could use the water park for Delaney all summer and they open this weekend so we are going to go check it out Saturday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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