Spring Fun and Great Grandparents

We have had a pretty busy week and have done lots of fun things. One of the elementary schools around our area had a big spring fun festival last night so we went to that. They had all kinds of carnival rides, games and lots of food. Delaney was happy walking around picking up rocks and any ones bottles that were left on the ground. She did enjoy watching the rides and kids when she had a free second from her rock collecting!

Wednesday my grandmother and grandfather came to visit us. We were so excited because we don't get to see them as much as we would like to. Delaney had so much fun playing ball with them and they brought her a shape sorter which made for lots of entertainment. I was so excited because my grandmother surprised me and brought me a brand new sewing machine! I took a smocking class awhile back and had smocked Delaney a couple of things but stopped because it ended up being so expensive getting them sewn together. They also have a class for beginners sewing and specifically for putting dresses together. I had been talking about taking the sewing part for awhile but didn't have a machine so I am so excited I can take the class now! The next one isn't until June so I think I may go ahead and start a smocking project so I will have something to put together once my class rolls around! Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. What a fun week! And wow to the new sewing machine! If you want a chance to make some extra dough, let me know when you you learn to make those really simple dresses (like the recent Alabama one Morgan wore and the pillow case dresses). Those are very simple dresses, but they're my favorite and so perfect for summer. Hardworking women supporting other hardworking women, ya feel me? :)


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