Picnics, Playdates, and 17 months!

Delaney and I have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and going to have picnics together. She actually does really well with them and will sit on the blanket with me and eat her lunch. Her new obsession is eating grapes. She loves them and could probably eat her weight in them if I let her!

Today we went and met my friend Brandi and her little girl Stella at the park to play and have a picnic. The girls are only a few days apart and we love to get them together and watch then interact. The last time we were able to do it they were not quite as mobile and it was so much fun to watch them today. They had a blast!

Delaney just turned 17 months last week! She is starting to talk so much more and repeats everything. A few new words that we use often are thank you, please, and love you. I LOVE to hear her say love you it is just the sweetest sound! Other than saying everything we do she is not doing to many other things that I didn't post on the last update. Here are some recent pictures from all our adventures!


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