Small group hunt and visit with Papa

Delaney and I go to a mommy and me small group at our church on Wednesday mornings so this past week we had our Easter egg hunt with them. It was really fun and the weather was perfect. Delaney picked up a few eggs for her basket but she was choosy as to which ones she wanted. They had to be the right color/pattern or she just ignored them and went on to one she thought looked better! After we left small group we headed to my dads for a visit with Papa. Delaney loves my dad and we took her fishing for the first time. It was fun and her favorite thing was throwing rocks in the water and watching it splash. Papa ended up catching her first fish right before we were about to pack up and leave. Delaney was really amused by the fish and just stared at it forever. We got a few pictures and then threw the fish back and watched him swim away! We had such a fun day!


  1. She looks so cute in her spring outfit!! Looks like she enjoyed her egg hunt! Hope you guys had a great Easter!


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