9 month post

Delaney was 9 months old on Friday so I'm a few days late on this post but the pictures were actually taken on the 15th and our doctor appointment was actually on her birthday this month! She is learning so fast and is doing so many new things everyday. Here are some things you are doing at 9 months:

- You are crawling all over the place and are really fast at getting where you want to go

- Still taking 4 bottles of 6oz and you eat usually 2 or 3 solid meals a day and some snacks in between

- You have become obsessed with your Daddy and want him all the time (you love me to but if were together you would prefer he hold you)

- You are pulling up on anything and everything and we have to watch you every second or something will end up on top of you

- You are still in 3-6 and 6 month clothes

- You wear a size 2 diaper

- We recently bought your first pair of walking shoes (pedi peds) and you love them and will actually leave them on your feet but have now figured out how the unvelcro them so you can eat the straps!

- You have two teeth (the bottom middle) which both came in about a week ago

- You are starting to laugh all the time and you now will look at things and laugh without to many stupid gestures from mommy and daddy

- You love feeding yourself especially puffs and yogurt melts

- You are starting to grow hair and I can actually put a little bow in it without it falling out

- You still love your puppies and they are always around you

- You are now in a big girl car seat as of a few weeks ago (rear facing of course)

- Your favorite toys are still things you shouldn't play with like remotes, anyone's phone, and electrical cords (needless to say you are watched like a hawk at home!)

- Your little personality is so fun and happy almost all the time but you will make it known if you are not happy about something

- Stats: Weight 15lbs 7oz (4%), Height 27in (35%)

Happy 9 months little monkey! We love you so much and love being your parents!!


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