The other day I peeked in to check on Delaney while she was napping and found her with her leg sticking out of the crib all the way up past her knee and her lovie covering her face. I of course thought it was hilarious so I ran to get my camera and proceeded to take a picture. A little while later I heard her wake up so went in to make sure she could get up ok. Well what did I find but a baby with her leg STUCK in the slats of her crib. I stayed calm at first but after quite a few tries could not get her leg out. I ran to get the phone to call David and that's when she realized she couldn't move so then she started freaking out too! David didn't answer when I called so I had to figure something out and was a little panicked once she started crying. Well after a few different positions with her I finally managed to get her leg out. She was fine and I think was really crying because she couldn't move and not because it hurt. So needless to say the bumpers went back in her crib as soon as they were out of the wash!


  1. Awww, poor Delaney! Glad it was just her little feelings that were hurt.And that pic with her with the monkey costume head is TOOOOOOO cute, OMG! :)


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