Mommy's little helper!

Delaney has been helping me out with a few household chores like cooking and emptying the dishwasher. She figured it was the least she could do since she is getting older!


  1. Delaney is such a big girl! These pics are so cute!!

    As for the skin issue, we tried Eucerin, but found that CeraVe works better for us (it was recommended by our pediatrician). It's a cream you can get OTC at the drugstore. I know Walgreen's and CVS at least carry it (I don't think you can get it at Wal-Mart or Target). We buy the tub of it. It's non-prescription and it's gentle enough for babies. When she's extra irritated and red, we also use a low-dose hydrocortisone cream. Hope you guys are doing well!


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