Beach trip #2

I'm a little behind on posting but we took a beach trip with my mom a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. We even got to have dinner with the Kimbles and their little cutie Morgan while we were there. Also Brent and Stephanie and David's dad were there too. A funny story that I wanted to write down so I remember it. The first day we were at the beach we wanted to show Delaney (or Monkey as we like to call her these days) the beach. Last time we were at the beach she wasn't that excited about the sand but we thought that since she's really mobile now that she might change her mind. Well not exactly but she didn't cry or anything she just looked a little concerned. I asked David to sit her up on the shore where the water barely came up so I could take a picture. At my request he proceeds to sit her more in the middle of the surf instead of up on the shore. Well before any of us could get to her a wave came and literally washed her up on the shore. I mean floored her straight back flat on her back and swept her all the way up where the water stops. Before I give any more detail just let me say that Delaney was perfectly fine physically not even water in the mouth or anything but I have never seen my little girls eyes get so big. The sad part was watching her as the wave came to take her out she was just sitting there and had not even a slight clue what was about to happen. I felt so horrible and I'm sure people around us were thinking what kind of parents are they?! So needless to say she was done with anything to do with the sand even taking pictures away from the water. She did love the pool as always and really didn't have a problem with the ocean as long as you didn't put her down! We had so much fun and are so glad we got to go and see everyone! Her face in the picture of her in the sand says it all!


  1. Heather she is so adorable. We HAVE to get our little "Monkey's" together soon. Its so funny that yall call her Monkey, because we've called Kinsie that since she was born.. we are actually going to have a girly themed Monkey 1st bday party!! -- and yes I'm already planning!! Isnt it crazy they are just a few short months away from being ONE???


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