Mac's Birthday!

We went to Delaney's "boyfriend" Mac's first birthday this past weekend. David and I along with Mac's parents agreed before they were born that they would be a couple (and they do make a cute couple I might add!) Anyway everything was great and Delaney had a lot of fun playing with all the kids. This was her first kids birthday to go to and she did great! They had baby pools set up outside for the kids and that was a big hit. Here are a few pictures from her first party and Sarah Grace here are a couple of cute pictures I got of Mac man! (Notice her Auburn dress in the pictures, we are very excited about football season!)

Also Delaney finally cut her first tooth and then another just a day or so later. The first one finally popped through around Tuesday of this week. They are the bottom two teeth and her right bottom one was the first to come in. She is not big on sharing her new development so I'll try to get a picture when I can!


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