Fun filled weekend!

Well this weekend was our first trip away from home overnight with Delaney and she did great! I didn't forget to pack anything and it was her first time sleeping all night in the pack n play and she slept all night almost just as good as she does in her bed at home. We had the best weather pretty much the whole time. It was rainy one day but it was not cold so we still got to get out and do some shopping. Delaney was a good sport about going out to the beach the first day and didn't seem to mind her feet in the sand (even though it was warm the sand was pretty cool!) We went with a bunch of coaches and their wives as well. Another one of the coaches have a little girl who is just a few weeks younger than Delaney so it was really fun to see them and spend time with them. The girls will be together a ton during football season so I'm sure they will be fast friends when they get a little bigger and can stay awake at the same time to see each other!
Also my sweet husband surprised me and scheduled me an hour massage this afternoon and then a pedicure! I had such a fun and relaxing day! Here are some pictures from our trip this weekend!


  1. I love these pics, Heather! Your blog is so cute; it inspired me to make mine pretty. :-) Now I just need to find time to update it more regularly! See you Thursday!


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