Thinking about how blessed we are!

We recently had a friend lose a baby that was about the same age as Delaney and it just really brings perspective to life and what really matters. Of course when you are blessed with a healthy baby you know what a blessing it is but I still think you can overlook how special all the little things are. Once they are home and healthy it is easy to get into a routine of just playing with them and taking care of them as more of what you do instead of really taking in every moment you have with them.. really paying attention to little things like if they are having a fussy moment or are not wanting to take a nap.. instead of getting frustrated and upset to really take in even the not so perfect moments because I know that some parents would kill to have back any one of those "not so perfect moments". Yesterday when Delaney was taking a nap David and I went in her room and just watched her for a few minutes and both just cried looking at her and knowing how blessed we are to have her. She just looked so peaceful sleeping so soundly with not a care in the world. It just breaks my heart for those parents to have to go thru something so tragic as losing a child.. If you are reading this please pray for the Sheppard's and that the Lord with just wrap himself around them and give them strength during this time.. I had really just been thinking about all this and how blessed we are so wanted to share...


  1. that is so sad. I still go in Grayson's room and watch her at night because I am so paranoid, but in a good way. Thankfully we both have happy healthy baby girls! Adorable at that! :)

    ps- it took me a good year to get back to what I weighed before... you look great already too!!

  2. I am just still so sick for them. If you see Brandon, please tell him I have been asking about him and praying for him. I can't tell you how many nights I go and sit in A and L's rooms and just watch them sleep and pray over them. It is a hard job being a full time mommy...but they are such blessings.


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