Sleeping Beauty

Very exciting news for us! I know the dark picture that you can barely see of Delaney sleeping just looks like a normal nap right? Well not for us! From day one Delaney has slept in her swaddle blanket for naps at night everything. The only time she will sleep not swaddled is if were out somewhere and she falls asleep with me holding her. Now I'm not complaining that she sleeps in the swaddle because she is a great sleeper! Its not a big deal and doesn't hold her back from anything but it keeps her from falling asleep in the stroller or anything when were out because I think she associates being swaddled with time to sleep! I tried once a month or so ago just putting her in the bed not swaddled to see what she would do and she went crazy! She was crying so hard and it was not a sleepy "I'm trying to fight going to sleep" cry but more of a "I am so mad and you better come get me" cry. So yesterday was the next time I tried putting her down for a nap without the swaddle. She cried or more whined for a few minutes like she normally does when I first put her down and a little while later I went in to check and she was asleep!! I was so excited and snapped this picture but couldn't use the flash because I didn't want to wake her up. She didn't take as long of a nap or sleep as soundly but I think a nap or two a day without it and she will be sleeping like normal without it in no time!

Also yesterday I had to go teach a cheerleading class that I am doing for kindergarten and first graders so G-Ma came to stay with Delaney. She loved playing with G-Ma and I got a couple pictures of them watching T.V together. Delaney was all tired out by the end of the night and fell asleep on G-Ma. We love having her so close to us!


  1. That's GREAT! I know how big of a deal it is for her to sleep unswaddled. :) She'll be sleeping soundly that way in no time! (The new pic is adorable, by the way.)


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