Hey Mamaw and Papaw!

We have had a really fun weekend so far. We went and did some shopping today and got a few things done we have been meaning to do. G-Ma got Delaney the cutest spring dress today and I can't wait for it to warm up so she can wear it! We also went over and visited Mamaw Peggy and Papaw Frank this afternoon. Delaney was a little ill and hadn't had to much sleep today so I think she was just tired but we had fun visiting with them. Mamaw Peggy held Delaney for a little bit until she got a little cranky.. she does this really funny thing now when she wants you to pick her up she will look right at you and poke her bottom lip out with this sad look on her face. She doesn't cry right away its kind of like a warning and if you don't do what she wants after that your warning is over and she will start crying.... its really funny! It's supposed to snow tonight and in the morning so were excited! I hope it stays around for a little while and there is enough to at least look at! Anyway I just put Delaney down for bed so I'm going to get some things done...


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