The past few days...

The weather the past few days has been so pretty so we have been taking advantage. I can't believe its February and 70 degrees! Anyway we have been trying out the stroller and going for walks. Delaney and the pups are loving it. Delaney looks around the whole time we are walking and Mazi absolutely loves being outside... Gracie however does not like to walk on the leash so she is just the right size to fit in the basket in the bottom of the stroller and she loves riding! Davids sister Staci and her whole family got to come and visit this weekend so we were very excited to get to see them.. Also David's sister Traci gave us a really cool Christmas present that we had been waiting on forever and we finally got it back this weekend! Its the plate with Delaney's footprints on it. Here are some pictures documenting what we have been doing these past few days!


  1. Morgan has this same sleep 'n play -- the one with the pink and yellow bumble bee. It's her (okay -- MY) favorite! :-)


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