Rainy day fun!

So yesterday while it was raining and cold outside Delaney and I stayed in and just hung out. I was thinking of things I could do with her because she is starting to stay awake a little more now and remembered her daddy had picked out some sunglasses for her a long time ago. I decided to get them out and see how she liked them.. here are a few pictures from yesterday. She didn't so much like them but was a really good sport!


  1. Delaney is adorable!! Congrats!!

    I LOVE her name! I told Kerri "Delany Davis" sure would be a super cute name and thats when I found out you had a little Delaney of your own! So now Delaney and Callie can be best buds! Too cute!

  2. Hey Heather! I just saw your comment on Morgan's blog and realized you had started a blog! Just wanted to say "hello"! It looks like you are all doing well. Delaney is PRECIOUS!!


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