Happy Birthday Papa!

My dad's birthday was actually on Tuesday but Delaney and I went up today to hang out with him and give him his gifts. It was really fun spending time with him and Delaney was really good. Her Papa loves her so much and loves holding her and talking to her. He is really good with her and she's usually content just sitting with him. She was in a good mood most of the trip. We also went to see Susan's parents and to visit my grandparents on the way back. Delaney had a full day of people loving on her! Once we got home and got her fed we tried out a bubble bath for the first time. She was a little confused about all the bubbles at first and had a funny look on her face but she warmed right up to them and loved it! Anyway we had a great day. Delaney is worn out and is sound asleep in her crib!


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