Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crusin in a suit...

A bathing suit that is! It has been so pretty the last few days and Delaney and I have been outside a lot and usually walk twice a day or so. She has some cute bathing suits and hasn't worn them yet because I haven't gone to get a baby pool so I let her wear her bathing suit on our walk this afternoon. She seemed happy about it and it kept her cooler than having clothes on. Delaney loves to suck on the straps of the stroller while we walk and put her feet in her mouth. I tried to get some pictures outside when we got back but she is not interested at ALL anymore! Every time you put her in the bumbo outside now she leans over and starts playing with the grass. It's really cute but makes it a little difficult to get a good picture! The dogs have formed a new love for Delaney's bouncy seat so they use it when they can and will just lay around in it. Delaney is working on sitting up on her own and is doing a really good job. If you sit her up and put her hands down in front of her she can balance herself for a good while before she topples over onto her stomach! It's so fun to watch her do all these new things everyday!
We are also having Delaney dedicated this weekend so will have some family in town and it should be a pretty fun and eventful weekend! Also I finished the dress that I was smocking so she is going to wear it for dedication. I'll post before and after pictures in a little while but I was so excited to get it back and for my first dress to smock for her it turned out really cute! Here are a few pictures from our week so far!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend but had a lot of fun! On Friday night we went to the Hoover baseball game and ran into Delaney's friend Morgan. The girls actually went on a beach trip together back in February but were both really little so one of them was always asleep when they were around each other. This time they were actually both awake but still didn't really seem to know the other one was there. Well even if they were not interested in each other their mommy's had fun taking pictures of them! It was not an easy task to get two babies to looks at the camera as you can see from the pictures! Also Delaney started sucking her thumb this weekend... I was kind of hoping we missed that habit and she was going to be fine with just a paci but it looks like maybe not! She would put it in her mouth before and just chew on it but she really started sucking on it this weekend.

Saturday David's sister Staci and her whole family came in town and we all went to dinner and then headed to Stadiumfest at Samford. It was great and it was awesome to see so many people out having fun worshiping the Lord! Delaney was great the whole time and seemed to really enjoy the festivities. We didn't get home until late Saturday night and we were all exhausted.

Sunday we had a family reunion at Susan's moms house. It was really fun to get to see everyone and Delaney was good as well. We had tons of good food and went by to see my grandmother and grandfather on the way home. Delaney was so tired and hungry by then so she wasn't in the best mood.. we promised them a trip back very soon where we could stay longer and Delaney hadn't been dragged around all day before we got there! Here are some pictures from all of our adventures this weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pic Post

So I was reading a friends blog who had this title and she talked about how really the people that follow our blogs want to see pictures of Delaney more than read my ramblings! So true so sometimes I'm just going to do a short post and have them be mostly pictures starting with this one. One quick note about the picture with Gracie below... Delaney had just finished her bottle this morning and was sitting in her bouncy seat and Gracie thought she would join her! Delaney LOVES the dogs and smiles when they come around and always wants to touch them. She just let Gracie sit with her for a good while this morning and she just kept petting her the whole time! It was really funny because she usually just grabs their hair and then they leave because they don't want her to pull their hair but this morning she didn't really even pull Gracie's hair and just sat there with her and looked at her and petted her. It was really cute so I had to get a picture. They are all three becoming fast friends!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The last month we have made a couple of major transitions for Delaney, the first being getting her out of her swaddle blanket and getting her to sleep like a big girl, and Saturday we started her on some rice cereal. She didn't really know what to think about it at first but by the end of the feeding she started to get the hang of the whole thing. We started just doing it once a day (at night) and are doing the recommended tablespoon amount to start with. I thought that was not going to be very much but once you mix it with the cereal her little bowl has a pretty good amount in it! We are starting slowly because she sleeps all night so I don't feel like it has to be an every night thing right now but in a few weeks it will have to be! Delaney has started to get a stuffy nose again but isn't coughing this time so I'm hoping it's just the end to the cold she had a week or so ago. Anyway we videoed the whole experience and I got to snap a couple of pictures as well. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy 5 months and weekly update!

I'm a little behind on posting so this will be kind of long. Delaney was five months old on Tuesday. We went to the doctor to get her five month stats and she was 12lbs 7oz and was 25.75in long! She is growing and changing all the time and she is the sweetest baby. They told us at four months that we could start rice cereal when she needed it but since she was sleeping all night the doctor told us she would probably start waking up at night when she was getting more hungry. She woke up the other night and I ended up feeding her a bottle. She hasn't woken up again since but I think she is getting ready so I may try to give her some this weekend. Some things Delaney likes to do at five months...

-She LOVES to play with her feet and has mastered putting her toes in her mouth (as you can see from the 5 month pictures in the chair)

- She can roll over from her back onto her tummy and is liking playing on her tummy a little more than she did a month ago

- Whenever she sees something she reaches for it and if its something she can grab it immediatley goes to her mouth

- She loves to chew on everything and especially Lisa's countertop or table (weird I know but its just the right size for her mouth and the countertop is cold)

- She actually likes her carseat now and will ride in the car without crying

-The biggest improvment... she is officially out of the SWADDLE!! She has been sleeping like a big girl for a week now and has done great with the transition.

Today we went and visited David's grandmother in Atlanta (Grandma Burley). This was the first time Delaney got to meet her and she loved her! We got a picture of them together and it is so cute. Delaney wouldn't even look at the camera because she was to busy checking out Grandma Burley (notice the huge smile on Delaney's face!). David's Aunt Brenda and her husband Tony got to come down as well and visit with us. Delaney loved them as well and sat with them both for a long time. Anyway we had a great visit with them all today! (Sorry the picture quality is not that great but I forgot my camera so it's from my phone).

We, like a lot of other people, were affected by the economy this week and I was laid off from my job. They are cutting jobs in my division of the company and I was next in line only being there for a year and a half. We know that God is in control and has a plan for us and he will show us where he wants us. I am officially on the job hunt but in the mean time will be staying home with Delaney. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Delaney's first Easter was so great! Our church had 19 services for the Easter weekend so we actually went to church on Saturday night. David's sister Traci and her kids Hunter, Lindsey and Bradley came down to go to church with us. We also went with Uncle Brent and Aunt Stephanie, Mamaw and Papaw and G-ma. Church was so good and we are so grateful for our savior's sacrifice and everything he went through to deliver us from our sins. Delaney was sick so we didn't put her in the nursery, plus I was a little nervous to put her in the HUGE nursery at the main campus since the nursery at the riverchase campus is pretty small! She did great in church and just got a little restless towards the end so we went to the mothers room. I was excited to my friend Brandi and her sweet little girl Stella, who is the same age as Delaney in the mothers room as well.

We woke up this morning to lots of sweet surprises that the Easter bunny left. Delaney was very interested in her Easter basket and kept staring at it so much that I could barely get her to look at me to get a picture. She looks a little annoyed in the picture like she really doesn't have time to stop what she is doing! Today we went to my mom's for lunch and got to see a lot of family. We had an Easter egg hunt which Delaney of course was napping during! We saved her a few eggs for when she woke up and we had our own little Easter egg hunt. I know she had no clue what was going on but we had fun helping her find her eggs!

Delaney recently has started using her legs and standing up. All of a sudden one day she just decided that she could stand up and has been doing it ever since. She has been getting better everyday and can do it for a pretty long stretch of time now. Also a couple of weeks ago she really started finding her feet. She noticed them every now and then before but I mean she really found them. She plays with them all the time now and loves playing with them when she's in her carseat. She has started putting them in her mouth and last night was sucking on her toe when her diaper was being changed! Anyway its pretty funny and cute to watch..

We had a great weekend and I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Star Lake

We love pretty weather but with it being so stormy lately we haven't had very many chances to get out and enjoy any pretty weather. This past week there were a couple of pretty days so we went to star lake and walked around. David and I enjoyed it but Delaney slept through most of the trip which is not like her because she is usually afraid she might miss something if she goes to sleep! We seem to be feeling a little better and she is not coughing quite as much as she was. Anyway I took a few pictures and there are a few others from earlier this week. We are also having lots of Easter festivities this weekend so I'll post pictures from everything tomorrow! I hope everyone has a happy Easter tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Cold!

Well not really outside anymore but Delaney has her first official cold or some kind of little cold virus. The story is kind of funny because I thought that she was fake coughing when the whole thing started. She would look at you if you were not paying attention and make this coughing sound but the cough didn't sound like a real cough. I thought she had just found a new little thing she could do so I didn't pay much attention for a couple of days. Then on Sunday morning she woke up and it sounded like a real cough. By that night she was coughing a lot and it started sounding really raspy so I was a little worried seeing she has never been sick before and only being 5 months old so I took her to the doctor just to be on the safe side. He listened to her lungs and confirmed that she had probably picked up some kind of little virus. Funny that the first time she ever went to the nursery at church was the week before she got this so I'm sure that's probably where she picked it up. I know it was inevitable though and that she will be fine in a few more days. We have been giving her a lot of attention lately and she has been loving it. She has not really been her happy self for the past couple days and it is so pitiful to hear her coughing being so little! She never really lays on me either because she goes to bed by herself like a big girl and the other night she just laid on my chest on the couch and stared at me for a long time. I hate seeing her not feel good! We also attempted a baby Einstein video the other day and Delaney paid attention and seemed to like it for a little while. Anyway here are a couple of pictures from her pitiful self the other night and her watching her baby Einstein video!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend fun!

We had a great weekend so far! Aunt Traci and Lindsey were in town on Friday for Lindsey's soccer game and we got to go eat with them as well as Uncle Brent and Papaw Frank. Aunt Traci brought Delaney some really cute Auburn pajamas for when she gets a little bigger and the sweetest little sweater. Delaney got to wear it to church today and I got a cute picture of her in it. This was our second week in the nursery at church and Delaney did great again! I am so thankful she is being good in the nursery so I can enjoy the message. Yesterday I noticed Delaney coughing a little but it didn't really sound so much like a sick cough... until this morning. She has been coughing more today and it sounds like a sick (raspy) kind of cough so I'm going to keep an eye on her. She hasn't been sick at all yet and really hasn't acted any different except not having as good of an appetite so hopefully its not anything. Well here are a couple of pictures from the weekend!

Ready for the Easter Bunny!

Ok so Delaney's Easter basket is ready anyway! I intended on ordering her a monogrammed Easter basket liner from Pottery Barn Kids but wanted to wait until I went to Cottontails to see if they had baskets I liked better. Well there wasn't anything as far as Easter baskets that I liked better than the one I saw from there so I went online to order the liner and guess what... they were all SOLD OUT! I was a little disappointed but its my fault for waiting so long! Anyway I had a basket I liked that we used for bubbles for our wedding so I sprayed it and got a lady to make some bows for it and just used that for this year since I couldn't get what I wanted. I figure if they have the liners next year I can use the same basket and just take the bows off of it. Anyway here is a before and after picture of her basket for this year... All we need now is a visit from the Easter Bunny!