Our first night sleeping as a big girl...

Was a little rough! Ok so it could have been alot worse and for the first night sleeping unswaddled Delaney did really well. She ate last night about 7:15pm and we put her to bed about 8:00pm. She actually cries less sleeping on her stomach and except for the passy falling out went right to sleep once we put it back in her mouth. Well that was the only problem we had last night was the passy falling out. She kept waking up every couple of hours because she was missing her passy! So I got up last night about 4 or 5 times to put the passy back in. The good thing was that was the only thing she wanted and went right back to sleep when I gave it back to her. I finally did end up swaddling her last night about 4:30am because I was so tired of getting up and just really needed some sleep seeing as I had to work today. I so wish she could find the passy herself and put it back in her mouth! She has a lovie that she keeps in her carseat with her and really likes to hold so Lisa is going to give her that at nap time today since that is easier for her to find and see if that will take the place of the passy. I didn't want to try giving it to her at night for the first time because no one is awake to keep checking in on her. So we will see... we are going to keep leaving her unswaddled and with it being a weekend we are hoping that by the end of the weekend she will be a little more used to sleeping without the swaddle and won't keep waking up. I know I shouldn't be complaining because there are tons of babies her age that have never slept through the night and their parents have to get up every night, but being so spoiled with her sleeping all night so early and never waking up during the night since I am just not used to waking up! Anyway overall it went pretty good and except for being a little tired everyone is happy and I think Delaney got plenty of sleep! It should be an interesting weekend...


  1. :) How did it go last night? This is so funny because we're having sleeping arrangement issues of our own! At least Delaney doesn't pull her paci out and want you to come in and put it back in...Morgan grabs hers trying to suck it extra hard and always accidentally pulls it out! She tries to put it back in, but it rarely works. And then cries. :) It's so funny -- even at 4AM!

    Miss y'all!


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