Weekend fun!

We had a great weekend so far! Aunt Traci and Lindsey were in town on Friday for Lindsey's soccer game and we got to go eat with them as well as Uncle Brent and Papaw Frank. Aunt Traci brought Delaney some really cute Auburn pajamas for when she gets a little bigger and the sweetest little sweater. Delaney got to wear it to church today and I got a cute picture of her in it. This was our second week in the nursery at church and Delaney did great again! I am so thankful she is being good in the nursery so I can enjoy the message. Yesterday I noticed Delaney coughing a little but it didn't really sound so much like a sick cough... until this morning. She has been coughing more today and it sounds like a sick (raspy) kind of cough so I'm going to keep an eye on her. She hasn't been sick at all yet and really hasn't acted any different except not having as good of an appetite so hopefully its not anything. Well here are a couple of pictures from the weekend!


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