Happy 5 months and weekly update!

I'm a little behind on posting so this will be kind of long. Delaney was five months old on Tuesday. We went to the doctor to get her five month stats and she was 12lbs 7oz and was 25.75in long! She is growing and changing all the time and she is the sweetest baby. They told us at four months that we could start rice cereal when she needed it but since she was sleeping all night the doctor told us she would probably start waking up at night when she was getting more hungry. She woke up the other night and I ended up feeding her a bottle. She hasn't woken up again since but I think she is getting ready so I may try to give her some this weekend. Some things Delaney likes to do at five months...

-She LOVES to play with her feet and has mastered putting her toes in her mouth (as you can see from the 5 month pictures in the chair)

- She can roll over from her back onto her tummy and is liking playing on her tummy a little more than she did a month ago

- Whenever she sees something she reaches for it and if its something she can grab it immediatley goes to her mouth

- She loves to chew on everything and especially Lisa's countertop or table (weird I know but its just the right size for her mouth and the countertop is cold)

- She actually likes her carseat now and will ride in the car without crying

-The biggest improvment... she is officially out of the SWADDLE!! She has been sleeping like a big girl for a week now and has done great with the transition.

Today we went and visited David's grandmother in Atlanta (Grandma Burley). This was the first time Delaney got to meet her and she loved her! We got a picture of them together and it is so cute. Delaney wouldn't even look at the camera because she was to busy checking out Grandma Burley (notice the huge smile on Delaney's face!). David's Aunt Brenda and her husband Tony got to come down as well and visit with us. Delaney loved them as well and sat with them both for a long time. Anyway we had a great visit with them all today! (Sorry the picture quality is not that great but I forgot my camera so it's from my phone).

We, like a lot of other people, were affected by the economy this week and I was laid off from my job. They are cutting jobs in my division of the company and I was next in line only being there for a year and a half. We know that God is in control and has a plan for us and he will show us where he wants us. I am officially on the job hunt but in the mean time will be staying home with Delaney. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Heather, I'm so sorry about your job. At least you can enjoy this interim time with Delaney, right?! Just keeping trusting in God's plan, and I'll keep my ears out for something!

  2. Heather, that shot of Delaney and her great-grandmother is sooo cute. They look so in love with each other!

    I'm sorry to hear that your company is another victim of the economy, and that it hit too close to home for you. I truly believe that things happen for a reason; and in situations like these, there's something better waiting.

    In the meantime, enjoy the extra time with Delaney! Y'all are going to have so much fun! :)


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