It's Cold!

Well not really outside anymore but Delaney has her first official cold or some kind of little cold virus. The story is kind of funny because I thought that she was fake coughing when the whole thing started. She would look at you if you were not paying attention and make this coughing sound but the cough didn't sound like a real cough. I thought she had just found a new little thing she could do so I didn't pay much attention for a couple of days. Then on Sunday morning she woke up and it sounded like a real cough. By that night she was coughing a lot and it started sounding really raspy so I was a little worried seeing she has never been sick before and only being 5 months old so I took her to the doctor just to be on the safe side. He listened to her lungs and confirmed that she had probably picked up some kind of little virus. Funny that the first time she ever went to the nursery at church was the week before she got this so I'm sure that's probably where she picked it up. I know it was inevitable though and that she will be fine in a few more days. We have been giving her a lot of attention lately and she has been loving it. She has not really been her happy self for the past couple days and it is so pitiful to hear her coughing being so little! She never really lays on me either because she goes to bed by herself like a big girl and the other night she just laid on my chest on the couch and stared at me for a long time. I hate seeing her not feel good! We also attempted a baby Einstein video the other day and Delaney paid attention and seemed to like it for a little while. Anyway here are a couple of pictures from her pitiful self the other night and her watching her baby Einstein video!


  1. I can totally relate to this and wrote about it on my blog too. (
    Poor Delaney - hope she's feeling back to her regular self soon. But I know you're enjoying the cuddles. :)


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